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Nintendo DSi deals & Cheapest DSi prices

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Nintendo DSi Image Looking for cheap DSi? Take a look at the product listings below. We're now listing the new DSi colours that include Red, Light Blue and Metallic Blue. This Xmas it has been very hard to find a Metallic Blue DSi in stock.

The Nintendo DS Lite will be phased out soon and the Nintendo DSi will become the standard handheld games machine. As time goes on we can expect to see some new DSi only games that take full advantage of the DSi's extra features. Use our DSi price comparison service to find the cheapest DSi prices and best DSi deals in the UK.

DSi XL logo DSi XL For the best prices and deals on the DSi XL take a look at our DSi XL price comparison table.

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Source Details Price Order Here
Nintendo DSi - all colours 129.99
Nintendo DSi - all colours 129.99

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Nintendo DSi Description

Nintendo DSi and DS Lite side by side comparison The Nintendo DSi is the latest version in Nintendo's well known Nintendo handheld range. The Nintendo DSi has added features to enhance the already amazing DS Lite handheld console. These Features are as follows.


- Larger 3.25 inch screens (Still only has a single touch screen)
- 12% thinner than Nintendo DS Lite
- Improved audio with higher quality speakers
- Built in camera with 11 special lenses to distort and play with your photos
- Eye toy like application that use the front webcam
- Audio manipulation enables user to play with sounds. aac-format support, not MP3.
- GBA Slot replaced by DS card
- Web browser software allowing connection to the internet
- Available in Black and White
- Released on April 3rd 2009

Take a look at this DSi page for a full comparison of the technical specification of the DSi vs DS Lite. If you find a cheaper DSi price than the DSi prices we list in the table above, let us know. It is our goal to find you the best and cheapest prices for DSi consoles in the UK.

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