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Wii U Console Deals

Wii U console image £229.00
(Best WiiU deal)

The Best Wii U Deal is at Today!

Amazon have dropped the price of the Basic Wii U package, expect GAME and others to follow shortly with their own Wii U Console deals.
You can compare all Wii U consoles deals and prices here

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ASA bans Wii U TV ad

ASA Bans Wii U TV ad

UK Advertising Standards Agency bans misleading Nintendo Wii U TV advert. Switching gameplay from TV to the Wii U GamePad is not a universal function.
Full article.

Wii U Deals and Prices

Wii U image

Nintendo's new games machine, the Wii U is a more powerfull HD version of the Wii. This HD console features a new touchscreen controller.

Take a look at our Wii U price comparison page for Deals and Offers on the Nintendo Wii U
Wii U Prices

Best Wii U Deals:

Wii U bundle - £159.99
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Wii U bundle - £229.00
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Wii U bundle - £229.00
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John Lewis
Wii U bundle - £239.95
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Wii U bundle - £249.99
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Free Wii Console / Mobile phone deals

mobile phone e2Save seems to be the most popular place for people to get a free Wii console with a mobile phone contract. This could be down to the huge selection of Free mobile phone deals they are doing.

Additional Stock Trackers:

Wii and Wii U stock checker

Wii U stock checker During the Wii and Wii Fit stock shortages we ran 2 very popular stock checkers. Our Wii Stock checker and out Wii Fit stock checker.

To help people find stock of Wii U consoles, we've created a new Wii U stock checker page.

Wii U memory usage Infographic

Wii U memory usage infographic We take a detailed look at Wii U memory usage and show you just how much memory is available for the user.

It is clear that the 8GB Wii U Console is not the best option for people that intend to download their games online.

You view the full Infographic here.

Wii U Price Comparison

As well as being the UK's leading Wii U stock checker, this site is also a Wii U price comparison site. We compare prices on Wii U consoles from all of the major UK retailers.

Unlike the big price comparison sites all we do here is Wii U price comparison, so the results are more up to date and accurate for people that want to buy Nintendo Wii U consoles.

Why Nintendo is Failing with the Wii U

Nintendo have a great new platform with the Wii U, but they have failed to create the sales volume they expected.

We take a look at why, with a mix of unclear marketing and pricing that Nintendo is failing with the new Wii U console.