Wii Monster Hunter Tri bundle for the UK?

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Monster Hunter Tri Wii bundles for the UKMonster Hunter Tri has been a massive success in Japan, with around one million copies selling on its first day of release. Nintendo's decision to bundle Monster Hunter Tri with the Wii console helped them sell almost 100,000 consoles that week, far more than any other console.

The Monster Hunter series of games has always sold well in Japan. The game really took off with the release of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on the PSP. This version of the game is still Japan's biggest selling game to date on all console formats. Hopefully Monster Hunter Tri will be a big hit in the UK too.

Monster Hunter Tri should be released in Europe in early 2010. If or when Monster Hunter Tri Wii bundles come to the UK, we will list these Wii bundles in the table below.

Monster Hunter Tri video

Source Details Price Order Here
Wii console bundles 159.99
Wii console bundles 164.99

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